Hush! ..Just a bit more and …

Congratulations…a baby is born to you…Your pains have given the biggest gain.

Who is born actually? Baby or mother?

In the untiring palms rests she…

In the sombre delight…

In the chiaroscuro of countenance …lives she…

In the unlimited bounty…

In the concocted found she…

In the light of darkness,

In the crowd of loneliness,

Stays she..

She is what she is.

She has been since ages..will be for ages…without aging…

Mother …so often quoted,wanted,desired but so less cared…This is a fact that just as a baby is born at that instant a mother is born…As she nourishes us to maturity we have to lull her to sleep as she desires in her life’s bedtime…..






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  1. Lovely!! Very well wished to mothers on the special day!!!

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  2. Revti says:

    Well written 💛

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    1. Am so glad revti that you read it

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  3. Sattwik Dey says:

    A Mother is blessed by the Allmighty to have a Child for her won from whom she will be gracioused in calling MAA or MOM or MUMMY, whichever does suit to her. I am very much lucky to be your son, Maa. Thank you Almighty once again. Hazaro saal jio meri MAA

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    1. Bohut khub likha hai apne

      Sattwik apke ma bhi khus hongi apko pa kar…


  4. Thanks for visit and have a great day .. Ian 😊👍

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    1. Oh…Ian
      Thank you soòoooooo much…
      U reposted it am so glad

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      1. You are truly welcome hope you get more follows and it setup to hit Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr through my publishing panel .. If you want to follow news as it happens our site is here AceChatNews.WordPress.Com and our breaking is here AceBreakingNews.WordPress.Com … Regards Ian

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      2. Please do support me…in

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      3. My little persuit

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    2. Thanks for the follow

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      1. Most welcome,mate!

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  5. बहुत ही उम्दा

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  6. eliza rudolf says:

    Well ✒ penned dude…!!!!👌👌👌😘

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  7. TAJWAR FATMA says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


  8. anne leueen says:

    Lovely words. As a Mother I can tell you that you have struck a true chord!

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  9. eliza rudolf says:

    Are kiiiire notun kichu lekh naaaa…☺

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  10. dollyparker says:

    Warm words! I loved that)

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